Pentra Bark Surfactant quart (32 oz)

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Pentra-Bark is a bark penetrating surfactant designed for surface treatments of trees and plants. It is designed for fast, uniform absorption and distribution of spray on stem and leaf surfaces. It may be used with most pesticides and fertilizer to improve translocation through lenticels on the bark. When applied to the woody bark, the lenticels open and enables movement of the product into the plant’s vascular transport system. It has been proven effective with various pesticides and no drift or chemical trespass. It greatly reduces applicator exposure and is a non-invasive treatment with no long term injury to treated plants. Apply to the bark with no need to treat surrounding soil. Use on herbaceous woody plant surfaces with insecticides, fungicides, plant growth regulators and micro-nutrients.

Pentra Bark is highly recommended with basal bark applications of Safari or Zylam