Pramaxis MEC Turf Growth Regulator

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Pramaxis MEC Plant Growth Regulator (or PGR) helps reduce the frequency of mowing while improving density, color, and quality of your turf. Pramaxis PGR is formulated to reduce vertical turf growth while enhancing lateral growth. It increases the stress and drought tolerance of the turf and is safe for both warm season and cool season turf grasses.  Pramaxis Plant Growth Regulator is perfect for use on golf courses, and residential and commercial lawns, and sports fields. 

Pramaxis PGR contains Trinexapac-ethyl as its active ingredient which is known for controlling the growth of most grass species and crops. Proven to be cost-effective, it enhances the turf's drought tolerance and lessens the use of water. It reduces the labor and equipment for areas that are hard to mow plus, it slows the vertical shoot growth for fewer clippings. This plant growth regulator enhances the lateral growth for healthier turf. 

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