Millennium Ultra 2 Herbicide

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Millennium Ultra 2 Herbicide is an excellent post-emergence herbicide that delivers superior weed control. It features the unique formulation of 2,4-D, clopyralid, and dicamba which provides effective broad-spectrum control of most challenging broadleaf weeds such as clover, speedwell, ground ivy, dandelion, black medic, knotweed, plantain, oxalis, cocklebur, Virginia buttonweed and more. This selective herbicide translocates to the roots so it works even on deep-rooted perennials such as thistle, artichoke, goldenrod and nettle. The Nufarm Millennium Ultra 2 offers premium weed control and lets you achieve optimum results in eliminating hard-to-kill weeds in ornamental lawns, turf grasses, athletic fields, cemeteries, golf courses, non-crop areas, parks and sod farms.

AK, AR, CO, CT, IN, KS, MA, NV, PR, WA, NY, VT (restricted To Licensed Applicators Only)