Vexis Herbicide Granular bottle (2 lbs)

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Vexis Herbicide Granular is a new powerful weapon formulated with a new proprietary active ingredient - pyrimisulfan - to control sedges, kyllingas, dollarweed, common chickweed, henbit, and other labeled broadleaf weeds. Excellent post-emergent control for labeled broadleaf weeds that can be used on residential and commercial sites, golf course tees, parks, sod farms, cemeteries, schools, and sports facilities. It features a unique formula that lessens the chance of inaccurate applications. Vexis Herbicide Granular can be utilized on a wide variety of cool and warm-season turfgrasses, such as St. Augustinegrass, Kentucky bluegrass, fine and tall fescues, bentgrass, and buffalograss.