Hyvar X-L IVM

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Hyvar X-L IVM Herbicide is a professionally formulated nonselective herbicide that provides broad-spectrum control of grasses and weeds on industrial and non-crop sites. Effectively and efficiently controls weeds and grasses such as cheatgrass, lambsquarters, turkey mullein, dandelion, plantain, wild carrot, sweetgum, sumac, pines, downy brome, puncturevine, wild oats, and other listed weeds and grasses on the label. This product is highly recommended to be applied prior to when weeds are actively germinating. Rainfall application is deeply required to activate the Hyvar X-L IVM Herbicide. Application rates given on the label are advised to be followed for superior efficacy and effectivity of the control power of this product. Hyvar X-L IVM Herbicide is prohibited in the State of Florida.
AK, AZ, CA MA (Restricted To Licensed Applicators Only)(Restricted To Licensed Applicators Only)