Smucker Green Weeder RWTD00

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Smucker Green Weeder RWTD00 Drift Free Sponge Dauber. The Green Weeder/Dauber is a garden “tool” that wipes out weeds with no drift, even on a windy day. This hand-held weed wiper puts the solution exactly where you want and saves money on chemical use. The cellulose sponge design has a valve that can be turned to the off position to help regulate chemical flow. The Daubers lightweight design makes using our product convenient for lawn and garden use. Home & garden application Chamois material Lightweight self-contained feeding system Handle Length: 45-1/2" Dauber Head Dimensions - 4" Length & 2-1/2" Diameter The valve may be switched off by the user if he\she is not applying heavy doses of chemical to cut off the gravity fed flow.

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