Andersons A - TEP Hi Mag Trace Element Package bag (50 lbs)

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Andersons A - TEP Hi Mag Trace Element Package is an ideal supplement to a nitrogen feeding program. Containing the right amount of magnesium, it helps plants maintain their healthy green color. It also contains other essential nutrients that prevent the plant from having minor element deficiencies. This product is perfect to use on existing greens, new construction, turf areas such as residential sites, ornamentals, golf fairways, sports fields, and golf greens. May also be used on both container nursery stock and landscape ornamentals because it offers secondary and micronutrients beneficial for sensitive growth. It is also non-hygroscopic so it does not take up and holds moisture. For best results, avoid mowing after application and apply at aerification or grow-in when used on close cut turf such as greens.