Prowl H2O Herbicide jug (2.5 gallon)

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Prowl H2O Herbicide is the answer to every grower's weed control problem. Contains Pendimethalin as its active ingredient which provides broad-spectrum residual control of annual grasses and certain broadleaf weeds. It offers trusted and proven performance for more than 100 crops. The Prowl H2O Herbicide comes in a water-based formula, making it convenient to apply and safe to use on crops. It is long-lasting even with lower use rate than other pendimethalin. Controls unwanted weeds such as foxtail, barnyard grass, sandbur, wild oat, johnsongrass, henbit, amaranth, carpetweed, mustard, smartweed, Shepherdspurse, purslane, and signal grass. This selective preemergence herbicide leaves no odor and lesser staining but it features great temperature flexibility. It may be used on crops including potato, corn, cotton, peanut, soybean, wheat, sunflower, onions, mint, garlic, fallow, and safflower.