Musca-Cide Fly Bait Spray

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Musca-Cide Fly Bait Spray is formulated to provide professionals an effective and efficient fly control with superior flexibility. This product has a versatile application process allowing the user to choose from spray-on, paint-on, or spot treatments. This is a water soluble fly bait. Unlike traditional granular baits, Musca-cide Fly Bait Spray can reach vertical surfaces and hard-to-reach areas. The unique and unusual formulation of the active ingredients, Dinotefuran and (Z)-9-Tricosene, creates a potent insect pheromone mixed with a neonicotinoid insecticide which attracts house flies and kills them by obstructing their nervous system's function. This provides rapid knockdown in a matter of minutes, and eventually relief to users.

NY (Commercial Applicators Only)