Suffusion Tablets

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Suffusion tablets are an effective blend of surfactants for use on all types of growing media in nurseries, greenhouses, interior plantscapes, and soil production. Suffusion is specifically developed to:

  •  Improve water penetration and retention of optimum moisture levels
  •  Give excellent initial wetting and long term re-wetting
  •  Assist uniform wetting and drying of the growing media
  •  Improve drainage
  •  Easily mix under cold conditions The patented Suffusion Tablets and applicator provide a portable, easy-to-use method of applying Suffusion. Suffusion Tablets and portable hose-end applicator were specifically developed to: 
  • Provide a portable means of applying Suffusion where no injector or application equipment is available
  •  Assist in maintaining plant quality in retail and shipping situations



Suffusion Tablets are packaged in boxes containing six (6) 250 gram tablets and are applied using the Suffusion applicator (sold separately)