Medallion WDG Fungicide

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Medallion WDG Fungicide is a water-dispersible granular formula that effectively controls foliar, stem, crown, and root diseases in ornamental plants. It is a group 12 fungicide that contains fludioxonil as its active ingredient which belongs in the phenylpyrrole class of chemistry and provides a unique mode of action by preventing fungal respiration. This specially formulated protectant fungicide is labeled for effective control of foliar, stem, crown, and soil-borne diseases such as aerial blight, alternaria leaf blight, botrytis blight, myrothecium leaf spot and blight, septoria leaf spot, fusarium stem and root rot, Southern blight, black root rot, and more. It also controls Fusarium in bulb and corm crops through dip application. For use in ornamentals grown in container nurseries, interiorscapes, field nursery plantings, residential and commercial landscapes, greenhouses, lath, and shade houses.