Palladium Fungicide jug (2 lbs)

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The Palladium Fungicide is an effective fungicide that offers dual mode of action against a wide variety of diseases on ornamental plants. It's both contact and systematic activity against foliar and stem diseases that may permanently harm growing plants. Cyprodinil, Palladium's active ingredient works within its tissues by restraining any disease development and reproduction. It also has fludioxonil that is the contact mode of action and offers long lasting residual control on plant's surface. Palladium's mode of action controls botrytis cinerea, alternaria, cercospora, myrothecium, rhizoctonia, sclerotinia, sclerotium and other powdery mildews. The fungicide is in a granule form that's water dispersible making it easy to measure and apply. It can also be a great rotational option since it's compatible with a wide range of tank mix partners. The Palladium WDG is an economical choice for controlling diseases on plants, still effective even on low use rate and can also be a preventive treatment that's great to use for a long time.

AK, DC, HI NY (Restricted To Licensed Applicators Only)