Fuse Foam Ready-to-Use Termiticide Insecticide case (6 x 15 oz cans)

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Fuse Foam Ready-to-Use Termiticide Insecticide contains Fipronil and Imidacloprid, the same proven, non-repellent active ingredients as the Fuse Termiticide Insecticide, but in a ready-to-use foam that is easy-to-apply. For Direct Injection into termite and ant nests and galleries, structural voids, and other sites. Fuse Foam is the latest addition to the Control Solutions Inc. (CSI) products for managing termites and other wood-destroying pests. Fuse Foam gives PMPs the opportunity to begin treating a structure immediately, right on the sales call; then schedule the full treatment for later. When it comes to stopping termites and ants, and preventing their spread inside a structure and with a 30:1 expansion ratio, Fuse Foam gives PMPs the ability to reach those tough-to-treat places with confidence. This was previously packaged in 20 oz can - now 15 oz. can.

The Fuse Foam Ready-to-Use Termiticide Insecticide can has recently been updated to include a new actuator.  Ths new feature will allow you to make one-handed applications, it’s easier to use in tight and confined spaces, easier to treat wall voids, and safer to use when on a ladder.  

AK, CA, PR CT, NY (Restricted To Licensed Applicators Only)