Meridian 0.33 G Insecticide bag (40 lbs)

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The Meridian 0.33 G Insecticide is a broad-spectrum insecticide that is effective at killing many pests in the foliage and soil. Water, whether from rainfall or irrigation, causes the key ingredient of the product, Thiamethoxam, to be released from the granule. It is rapidly absorbed, once released by the affected plants and drawn into the soil. Once in the ground, the insecticide controls pests, either by killing them on contact or through ingestion of the active ingredient. It is also quickly absorbed by the plant's roots. The active ingredient moves through the plant to the site of infestation. Through eating the plant, the pests are affected by the thiamethoxam. The pests stop feeding within minutes to hours of ingestion and will be followed rapidly by the death of the pest. The persistence of the solution in the dirt of the area, as well as the plants, provides a long period of control of the population of the pests. Meridian 0.33G is not an egg killer or an IGR.

AK, HI, NY CT (Restricted To Licensed Applicators Only)