Masking Agent Select

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Prime Source Masking Agent Select, is a concentrated fragrance harnessing the natural essence of wintergreen plants, meticulously crafted to effectively conceal undesirable chemical odors. In the realm of herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides application, certain odorous emissions can elicit adverse public reactions. By incorporating Masking Agent Select into your tank mix, these offensive scents are transformed into a delightful wintergreen aroma, effectively diminishing the detectability of chemical spray operations. Embrace the benefits of a wintergreen-scented shield that seamlessly integrates into any tank mix, ensuring an odor-neutral application without compromising the potency of active ingredients. With a commitment to plant well-being, Masking Agent Select safeguards turf, ornamentals, and other vegetation. Elevate your spray routine, especially in public spaces, with the confidence and assurance of Prime Source Masking Agent Select.