SpraKil SK-26 Granular Residual Herbicide jug (6 lbs)

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SpraKil SK-26 Granular Herbicide is a nonselective solution effective for controlling both annual and perennial weeds and grasses, recommended primarily for use in non-cropland areas like industrial sites and railroad rights-of-way. It should be uniformly applied over the target area using a variety of spreading equipment, at rates ranging from 100 to 200 pounds per acre, or for smaller plots, 0.25 to 0.46 pound per 100 square feet, with the maximum effectiveness achieved through early season applications. This herbicide may render soil nonproductive for a year or more, depending on environmental conditions such as rainfall and soil type. Repeat treatments may be necessary for deep-rooted perennials, and caution is advised to avoid application near desirable plants and to prevent contamination of water sources.