Barespot Monobor Chlorate bag (20 lbs)

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BareSpot Monobor-Chlorate is a non-selective herbicide that provides broad-spectrum and residual control of grasses and weeds with just a single application. The combination of two active ingredients, Sodium Metaborate, and Sodium Chlorate, provides instant knockdown and long-lasting control of existing vegetation including broadleaf weeds, perennial weeds, annual weeds, grasses, trees, and shrubs, as well as prevent regrowth in the future. It is best for use on non-crop areas -- around farm buildings, cell tower sites, equipment storage areas, lumberyards, petroleum tank farms, along fence lines, parking areas, industrial sites, and under asphalt paving. It can be applied using a hand sprayer or push operated spreader for a uniform treatment of target areas. The product comes in a ready-to-use pelleted granular formulation.