Spred-Rite G Gravity Flow Granule Spreader

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The Gordons Spred - Rite G Gravity Flow Granule Spreader provides the most reliable and accurate way of spreading granular fertilizers, insecticides, herbicides and ice melt products as well. It is very practical to use anywhere, including far reaching areas like under or around poles, railings, shrubs and trees. It is also ideal around grave markers, buildings, beds, and along fences, walks, walls and curbs. The flow of granules is controlled by orifice disks and the exclusive deflector plate. The spreader carries 5 pounds of granules and functions by gravity. Swath widths can be adjusted from 2 to 4 inches and up to 3 feet. Rate can be easily varied by adjusting walking speed, by shifting swath width, and by choice from 3 orifices. Spred-rite is not built with any metal parts to avoid corrosion or rusting.