Blue Supreme Turf Seed Mix bag (25 lbs)

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Blue Supreme Turf Mix is a premium-quality blend specifically designed for the establishment of new turf in the northern half of the United States, ideal for residential lawns, parks, and sports fields. Comprising 80% Kentucky Bluegrass (with two elite varieties) and 20% Perennial Ryegrass, this mix is engineered for excellence, delivering a genetically superior cool-season turf. The carefully selected varieties ensure a fine-bladed texture, deep green color, and exceptional traffic tolerance. This blend benefits from the lush, dense growth and cold tolerance of Perennial Ryegrass and the vibrant color and texture of Kentucky Bluegrass. With proper care, it results in a thriving, dense, and durable lawn that exhibits enhanced shade tolerance, the capability to self-repair, and reduced fertilization needs, making it an ideal choice for active northern lawns, including those frequented by children and pets.