Pennlinks II Creeping Bentgrass Seed bag (25 lbs)

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Pennlinks II Creeping Bentgrass Seed, from Tee-2-Green, represents an advanced generation that surpasses general certified seed standards, offering a golf course grass solution free from Poa-annua, Poa trivialis, and other undesirable seeds. Building on its predecessor's legacy, PennLinks II is ideal for greens, tees, and fairways, characterized by its medium dark green hue and semi-fine leaf texture that ensures a visually stunning and highly playable surface. Key benefits include its adaptability across diverse conditions, early spring green-up, increased density, exceptional dollar spot resistance, and robust heat and drought tolerance. With its semi-aggressive growth, PennLinks II offers enhanced disease resistance and heat tolerance, making it a superior choice for warmer climates and demanding golf course environments.