22-0-5 Fertilizer with 0.38% Barricade bag (50 lbs)

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Award 22-0-5 Turf Fertilizer with Barricade herbicide controls certain grass and broadleaf weeds before they emerge and provides residual control in established turfgrasses, and ornamentals and other non-crop areas. Award 22-0-5 Turf Fertilizer with Barricade herbicide inhibits shoot and root growth in susceptible weeds. This product will not control established weeds. For selective preemergence control of grass and broadleaf weeds in:

  • Established turfgrasses (excluding golf course putting greens), lawns, athletic fields, parks and sod farms Field-grown and landscape ornamentals
  • Established perennials and wildflower plantings
  • Non-crop areas, including landscape beds, ornamentals, and established perennial wildflower plantings on or surrounding municipal grounds and government installations, managed rights-of-way for transportation systems and utilities (including, roadways, roadsides, railways and equipment yards)