Honor Intrinsic Brand Fungicide drum (36 lbs)

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Honor Intrinsic brand fungicide, a product from BASF, is a new, innovative fungicide that combines pyraclostrobin (found in Insignia fungicide) and boscalid (from Emerald fungicide) to offer a powerful dual-action solution for disease control and plant health in turf. It effectively manages common turf diseases such as dollar spot, fairy ring, anthracnose, various patch diseases, leaf spots, and more, with a single application providing 21- to 28-day control. Unique in its class, Honor Intrinsic does not contain a DMI, making it particularly suitable for summer use. It's designed not only to control diseases but also to enhance turf health, especially during stressful conditions like drought, temperature extremes, and mechanical stress. Research has shown that turf treated with Honor Intrinsic has improved stress management capabilities, leading to increased root length and density, helping the turfgrass endure and recover from stress. This fungicide is part of BASF's Intrinsic brand, the first in the turfgrass market to include plant health benefits on the label.