PT Alpine Foam RTU

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PT Alpine Foam RTU Insecticide comes from a new line of Reduced Risk Non-Repellent products which means effective pest control with a safer active ingredient. Non-repellent products are un-detectable to insects and have a transfer effect allowing the insecticide to spread throughout a colony to kill even the pests you don't see! With Alpine Foam you can treat subterranean and drywood termites, including termite swarm sites and localized termite infestations in wall voids and other areas. In addition, Alpine Foam treats ant infestations (including foraging carpenter ants, argentine, ghost, pharaoh and white footed ants), powderpost beetles, asian lady bugs, boxelder bugs and more. Alpine Foam expands at a rate of 30:1 with 1 oz. of product (or 5 seconds of spray) producing approx 1 quart of foam. The can will produce up to 20 quarts of foam.