NyGuard Plus

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NyGuard Plus is a unique insecticide that combines flea and tick control with a pet odor neutralizer. NyGuard Plus kills all stages of fleas and ticks quickly and provides residual control of fleas for up to 7 months. The formulation is a combination of a pyrethroid, the insect growth regulator (IGR) NyGuard, and a synergist. Application is easy using the aerosol can and the spray nozzle will not drip.

The patented odor neutralizer will leave you with a treated area that smells clean and fresh and even neutralizes the odor of urine.

NyGuard Plus is intended for Indoor Use Only and Should Not be Used Directly on Pets or Animals.


NyGuard Plus is an oil out emulsion, meaning a water based formulation that requires shaking before use to obtain a true fog. If this is not done, You will see a pin-stream spray instead of a fog. In the case that you do forget to shake first, the tip must be wiped clean to get the proper particle size again.