JAWZ Rat and Chipmunk Trap (410) case (12 traps)

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JT Eaton JAWZ Rat and Chipmunk Trap (410) is an ideal solution to your rodent and chipmunk control problem. This rat trap is constructed from durable plastic and it is very effective on eliminating these pests. It has a unique design that helps catch rodents without breaking its skin. This will allow you to have an easy cleanup and lets you reuse the trap. It features a high tension spring with added strength that helps get rid of larger rats and chipmunks. This trap works best with liquid or solid bait.

JT Eaton JAWZ Rat and Chipmunk Trap is very easy to setup; simply bait through the top, press the button with your hand or foot, and you will hear click when it is set. A red display sign also indicates that the trap is set correctly. Once your target critter is captured, just press down the same bar you used to set it and dispose it properly.