Neemix 4.5 Insect Growth Regulator quart (32 oz)

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Neemix 4.5, the most potent formulation of Azadirachtin on the market, offers a multitude of benefits for plant protection. Through its lethal IGR (Insect Growth Regulator) effect, Neemix 4.5 effectively halts the feeding of pest insects in their immature stages. Moreover, this remarkable biological insecticide not only controls targeted insect larvae but also disrupts their ability to molt, ensuring comprehensive pest control. Additionally, Neemix 4.5 goes beyond larval and pupal stages, as it acts as a powerful repellent and deterrent against adult stages of insects, preventing infestations and reducing crop damage significantly. With three times the potency of Azadirachtin compared to competitors, Neemix 4.5 delivers higher control rates with lower application rates, making it an exceptional and efficient choice for plant protection against a wide range of pests.