Fame Granular Fungicide bag (25 lbs)

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Fame Granular Fungicide is a broad-spectrum fungicide that is made to control certain diseases in turf and ornamentals. This xylem systemic fungicide works by interfering with respiration in plant-pathogenic fungi. It also prevents any sign or presence of spore germination and mycelial growth that can harm and damage the turf area. It is best use to control stem, foliar and root diseases in a variety of ornamentals and turf areas. It can also be used for commercial production, lawns, golf courses, parks, recreational areas, in residential landscape areas, ornamentals in greenhouses, field grown ornamentals, interiorscapes, industrial buildings, athletic fields and other enclosed structures. The Fame Granular is the best choice as a foundation fungicide in controlling known turf and ornamental diseases since it contains fluoxastrobin, the active ingredient that moves rapidly into green tissue. The active ingredient is translocated throughout the xylem of plants which results to providing internal barrier of fungal growth and protect the plants and turf areas from new infections.

Note: Other labeled fungicides can be used in alternation with Fame G Fungicide to cover all the major fungal diseases that attack most, if not all, major turfgrass and ornamental species.