Empero Q-Pak pack (13.5 g)

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Empero Q-Pak is an excellent selective herbicide that destroys unwanted weeds but also recovers viable turfgrass on residential and commercial areas. It contains an active ingredient which provides a superior and highly effective nutgrass control to various weed species. Best match to use on non-crop sites like cemeteries, sports fields, airports, roadsides, and school grounds. It offers convenience and easier turf management with its water dispersible granule formulation that dissolves quickly plus, it comes in a pre-measured pack for use in a backpack sprayer. This post-emergent herbicide targets the growing points of sedges like yellow and purple nutsedges, broadleaf weeds, and species of Kyllinga. Gentle on both cool and warm season turf and a great alternative to SedgeHammer Plus. Available in 13.5 grams.