Co-Ral Fly and Tick Spray

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jug (64 oz)

Co-Ral Fly and Tick Spray is an excellent solution in eliminating insect pests on animals. It contains coumaphos as its active ingredient which is best known for killing insects and mites on farm and domestic animals. It is highly effective for targeting lice, horn flies, and ticks on beef and (non-lactating) dairy cattle, flies and lice on lactating dairy cattle, lice and horn flies on horses (not intended for slaughter, lice on swine, and it controls face flies and horn flies as a back rubber application for beef and lactating dairy cattle. Co-Ral Fly and Tick Spray comes in a liquid formula that is easy to apply. Simply mix with water and apply using ordinary spray equipment. See label for complete application instructions. It is proven to be efficient and cost-saving since a half-gallon jug can create up to 100 gallons of soulution.