Clear Zone Double Impact Farm Fly Spray

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can (20 oz)

Clear Zone Double Impact Farm Fly Spray by BASF is formulated with two active ingredients and a synergist to provide a quick knockdown of flying insects and residual activity that lasts for hours. Easy to use, designed for heavy traffic areas. Treated area should be vaccated and well ventilated after application. Can be used inside and outside and on livestock listed on the product label. This product can also be used around and in the following areas: campgrounds, catteries, cattle (beef) operations, dairy farms (including milk parlor, milk house, holding lots and loafing sheds), homes, hog operations, horse stables and barns, poultry operations, ultilies, kennels, and non-feed or food areas of food storage areas, hotels, hospitals, motels, schools, resorts, supermarkets, warehouses, transportation equipment (boats, buses, ships, trucks, trains, planes), and other industrial and commercial buildings. Food must be covered or removed during treatment when used in food preparation or food handling areas of restaurants and food processing plants.