Foundation Turf Herbicide-Gallon

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Containing four active ingredients, Foundation Turf Herbicide provides multiple modes of action to control a wide spectrum of weed species in turf grass, non-crop, and other sites. Foundation has excellent post-emergence activity with proven performance. DEA form of 2,4-D increases the effectiveness of Foundation® on hard-to-kill perennial weeds. Sulfentrazone provides excellent residual control of ALS and triazine-resistant weeds. Dicamba provides selective pre and post-emergence control of susceptible broadleaf weeds. Triclopyr controls tough, woody plants with excellent turfgrass safety.

Do not apply to St. Augustine

We have been unable to get a consistent supply of Foundation recently. If our inventory shows we have it then that's what we will ship you. We suggest switching to Triad TZ Select  herbicide which has all of the same active ingredients as Foundation in higher percentages plus is less expensive. A better product at a better price